Apricot Tart
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
This simple and elegant tart has a sweet crust, pastry cream filling, and beautiful fan of fresh apricots.
Serves: 10 servings
  • !For the tart crust:
  • 1 ½ cups all-purpose flour
  • ½ cup powdered sugar
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • 9 tablespoons very cold unsalted butter, cut into small pieces
  • 1 large egg yolk
For the pastry cream:
  • 2 cups whole milk
  • 6 egg yolks
  • ½ cup sugar
  • ⅓ cornstarch
  • 1 ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 3 ½ tablespoons unsalted butter, cut into small pieces and at room temperature
  • 4-5 apricots, sliced thinly
  • Powdered sugar for garnish
  1. Butter a tart pan and set aside.
  2. Put the flour, sugar and salt in a food processor. Pulse to combine. Scatter the butter pieces overthe top and pulse until the butter is coarsley cut in. Stir the yolk in a small bowl, then add it a little at a time, pulsing after each addition.
  3. Once the egg is added, pulse for 10 seconds at a time until the dough forms clumps and curds.
  4. Turn the dough out onto a work surface and knead it very lightly just to make sure all the crumbs are incorporated.
  5. Gently press the tart dough into the prepared pan, making sure to get evenly up the sides. Freeze for at least 30 minutes before baking.
  6. Preheat the oven to 375°F. Butter the shiny side of a piece of aluminum foil and press it down on top of the crust. Bake the crust for 25 minutes, remove the foil, and bake another 8 minutes, until the crust is golden brown. Allow the crust to cool completely.
  7. Bring the milk to a boil. In the meantime, place the egg yolks, sugar and cornstarch in a medium saucepan and whisk them together. Pour ¼ cup of the milk into the egg mixture and whisk continuously, then slowly pour in the rest of the milk, still whisking the entire time. Put the saucepan over medium heat and, whisking continuously, bring the mixture to a boil. Cook for 1 to 2 minutes more, still whisking, until the mixture is thickened. Remove from the heat, then whisk in the vanilla. Let the mixture sit for 5 minutes, then add in the butter pieces. Pour the pastry cream into a bowl, fit plastic wrap tightly over the mixture so that it is airtight, and chill in the refrigerator until cold.
  8. When ready to assemble the tart, spread the pastry cream evenly into the crust. Arrange the apricot slices over the top, sprinkle with powdered sugar, and serve.
Recipe by Today We Bake at https://www.todaywebake.com/apricot-tart/